Cork Floor in our Sunroom


We want to show you our “new updated sunroom” we’ve been working on since August. We had a hot tub in the corner of the room we built 15 years ago. The weight of the hot tub had sunken the corner of the room about 1 1/4″. We decided to remove the hot tub and locate it outside which should have been done in the first place! Below is a photo of the subfloor removed with spray-in insulation. This is a great way to keep the heating and air costs down.

We don’t have a decent dining room and we wanted to add one in it! It turned out great! We installed 2 1/4″ white oak entire house and I, online casino julietta Cynthia, wanted something “different”! After doing our homework/research we decided to go with cork flooring. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the feel when I’m walking on it.There is no heat in that room and it does make the difference from what we had in the previous 12X12 tiles. We tend to go bare-foot often and to be honest, the cork floor is warmer than hardwood (now, don’t get me wrong that we shouldn’t have hardwood floor!) I’m talking about where there is no heating system in that room! Anyway, please take a look and see what we have done before and after (I’m still working on detailing the room!)

The product we have is Nova Distinctive Floor. The product you see is a Marea floating floor, item # : 860.

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