Whether you are installing a new hardwood floor or refinishing an existing floor, the staining and refinishing stage is responsible for bringing out the beauty and character of your wood floor. Whenever we can, we use the latest tools, technology, and products to get the very best results. We, Angerman Hardwoods, install solid hardwoods, bamboo, engineered, cork and laminates, whether they are nail down, glue, or floating. Cynthia has a science degree in interior design and is willing to give consultation if needed.

New Hardwood Floor Installation:

The installation of your new hardwood floors requires knowledgeable skill and precision. The years of experience that Angerman Hardwoods brings will ensure that your floors are installed to perfection.

Custom Design & Stain Colors:

Angerman Hardwoods will help you with the perfect floor design and color choice that will make your home unique and truly you!  Almost anything you can imagine can be created: borders, inlays & insets, patterns, parquet, and medallions. Whether you are looking for a more traditional look or something that has never been done before, we will help you find the right design and color. We install borders and inlays.

Dustless Containment System:

Angerman Hardwoods uses the most advanced technology available to keep your home 90% dust free during the restoration of your hardwood floors. Our dustless sanding is one of the best investments in technology that we have ever made. We use the exclusive Bona Dust Containment System (DCS). Not only is this sanding process environmentally friendly because no chemicals are necessary to strip the old finish, it’s super convenient. You don’t have to vacate your home. There is no need to seal off the room.

Sanding & Refinishing:

If you currently have hardwood floors that are in poor condition, Angerman Hardwoods has the expertise to know what enhancements need to be made in order to get your floor back to it’s original splendor.

Staining and Refinishing:

When we stain your floor, we start by applying a water-based stain of your choice. The stain color you choose will really bring out the beauty and character of the wood grain. The staining stage is exciting because that’s when you really get to see your floor’s personality. After the stain is dry, we finish the floor with several applications of an environmentally safe, durable and fast-drying top coat. Additionally, we screen, buff and vacuum between refinishing coats for the absolute best results possible. This final process will protect your hardwood floor from normal wear and tear.  With proper care, the finish will last for years to come. And don’t forget, when your floor is looking a little dull, give us a call and we can come and screen and recoat it professionally. Finally, there’s an easy and convenient way to restore the luster to your hardwood floor without having to refinish it.


We repair flooring that has been damaged due to water or heavy objects having been rolled across the floor leaving gouges or dents. For those times we fear, a leak from the dishwasher, refrigerator, or bathroom, we repair flooring that has been damaged due to water. Or when the delivery man drags a heavy object across the floor leaving an indentation, we can fix it. Check with your homeowner’s insurance.


Flush Mount Vents:

All vents are available in red oak, white oak, and maple, or choose from a wide variety of the finest domestic and exotic wood species. Standard and custom sizes are available.  Flush mount vents are sanded, filled and finished with your floor. It is highly recommended to have in your home!


Baseboard Registers:

They come in finished or unfinished solid red oak – 15 or 18 inch baseboard registers. The register blends in well with wood baseboard trim and accents well any kind of hardwood flooring. Made of solid oak, so this is an extremely sturdy and durable choice. These baseboard registers are built to last. They come with a pop-out, wooden damper cover, which has two settings for air flow: open or closed.


Wall Mounted Cold Air Returns:

These are hand made, hand crafted custom wood grills. These are really nice looking, compared with the metal cold air return grills, this is hands down the nicest way to cover your cold air returns! They come in any wood species, red oak, white oak, quarter sawn (white oak), ash, beech, birch, hickory, maple, cherry, fir, black walnut, cabreuva, jatoba, ipe, genuine mahogany, white pine and tigerwood, available in any size.


Stair Treads and Risers:

Wooden stairs and risers are revolutionary stair remodeling products that cover your old or carpet stairs. In just 1 day, your stairs are transformed into a beautiful solid hardwood staircase. All of stair treads and risers are made from clear grade lumber. Wooden stair treads are offered in 31 different species and are available unfinished, sanded and ready to install (with a choice of a coat of stain to match your new hardwood floor) and at least 3 coats of  water-based polyurethane.



Banisters Stair Accessories:

Consist of staircase spindles, newel posts, handrails, base rails, handrail curves and other items which make up stair balustrade or ‘banisters’. Available in white oak, pine, hemlock (a knot-free softwood ideal for stain/varnish), sapele (a red hardwood similar to mahogany), the range comprises over 400 stocked lines! We even supply accessories such as handrail brackets for wall-mounted handrail and curved plywood shapes for easy construction of feature bottom steps! Choice of timber, designs and styles, the combinations of which are endless. We even supply small size 70mm newels, ideal for loft conversions! There are ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ styles to suit every interior! There are many choices you can choose to beautify your staircase.

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